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Cloud Security Services

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Identity and Access Management Services
Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Log management
Cloud Perimeter Security
Data Security
Web Application Security

Our wide-ranging Cloud security services are highly flexible and scalable, and cover the most complex security requirements. We add security layers to our Cloud services to enable the deployment of cloud solutions with the highest possible level of security. Be it security needs defined by PCI DSS guidelines, HIPAA, or other compliances, we have the solution readily available to meet organizations’ s business requirements.

All our Cloud security services are offered and managed by us as single supplier making the management of your Cloud security easy to handle. Our fully managed 24/7/365 SOC (Security Operations Center) can integrate seamlessly into the cloud environments such as AWS and MS Azure. Our experts help to protect your application from application-layer attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Our security offerings can be implemented without or little capital investment and provide a predictable pay-as-you-go cost structure, eliminating the unexpected burdens and expenses that come with managing staff and technology.

What Client Speaks

I attended a conference in CA today, where I showcased my products and just so that you know it is the largest conference for the driving school industry and I was able to sign up 20 new schools immediately in my booth. This takes me to a total of 300 schools who are now actively using my products. This would have not been possible without team @ Netsmartz, a BIG thank you and just wanted to let you know that how knowledgeable and hardworking your team is. I’m pretty sure I will have a team of about 50 people in the next 2 years
Anatolij Petrov


I just wanted to drop you an email about how great the team is doing. This is of no surprise, but they do such a great job. I can always count on them to show up and their progress is very predictable.This is always so helpful for me and the client is super happy with the app they are working on. They are truly a great resource on my team!
Jeff Krueger

CEO Super7UI

Tip Whip was selected as one of the winners of Score’s American Small Business Championship out of 1,500 teams nationwide! It has been amazing start to 2017 for Tip Whip and we have the hard work and dedication of the Netsmartz team to thank. I would personally like to thank all of you for helping to make my dreams come true. Your communication, patience and execution of my visions have nothing but the best. We are competing and beating multi-billion dollar companies with our platform. Once again thank you for the long days, sleepless nights and dedication to…
Spencer Wood

Founder & CEO Tip Whip, LLC

I am Brandon Coleman, President CEO of SafeWay Driving Centers. We chose Netsmartz to take our power point based three ring binder based curriculum into an online format. We are glad we worked with Netsmartz because they were able to bring our curriculum to life and make an engaging and enlightening curriculum that makes teenagers and adult drivers across the country want to take our curriculum online, as supposed to the classroom. They were excellent and the customer service was fantastic and we highly recommend Netsmartz.
Brandon Coleman

President and CEO, SafeWay Driving Centers

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