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Need to start with an on-demand Uber-like app solution for your business? Let us build you a high-performance Uber-like app custom solution for android, iOS, or web platform.

  • Experienced with development of more than 50 projects similar to Uber.
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An on-demand platform empower users to get instant, fast & seamless access to certain products and services that are offered by a company or individual. We cater to start-ups and large companies across various industry verticals. Our state-of-the-art services include Cyber-Security to protect and safeguard your business Data and Information.

We have expertise across different industries in retail, hospitality, logistics, transportation, education, healthcare, insurance and many more. Share with us your idea!

On-Demand Key Features

On-Demand X Solutions

We have built our proficiency and expertise with the development of 50 plus solutions. Check out the most recent.

On-Demand for Grocery

On-demand grocery delivery app

We have designed and delivered an on-demand grocery platform that enables the easy purchase of items like grocery, food, medicine, pet care, gifts, and other personalized stuff ensuring doorstep delivery.

Taxi Booking On-Demand app

On-demand ride-sharing

We have designed and delivered an on-demand taxi booking and the ride-sharing app just like Uber that allows users to easily book a taxi from one place to another within a few clicks.

On-Demand Medical Delivery app platform

Designed for our global marketplace, this app empowers users to easily order medicines & medical equipment at their fingertips.

On-Demand CareGiver app

The app offers high demand healthcare needs for kids/adults with illness or disablities that requires rehabilitation and short-term special nursing care. The on-demand platform invites freelance medical professionals/doctors/nurses/therapists to offer their online services.

Logistics & Transportation

  • On-Demand for a taxi

    We can develop an entire taxi booking solution connecting drivers and riders. Either it was developing the taxi booking app for kids, handicapped, or women, we can develop a dedicated taxi booking apps for each of these.

  • On-Demand for trucking

    Get your own trucking app solution connecting shippers with truckers eliminating the hassle of dealing with freight services. We can develop a 100 percent customized solution to automate the trucking service booking app for maximized the business profits.

  • On-Demand for tow truck

    Need to get an online solution for your towing and roadside assistance service? Reach people with broken vehicles with an easy online app solution. We can develop a customized tow truck hiring app that could help you create business opportunities.

  • On-Demand for private jets

    Want to start with your private jet service or want to grow the already existing business, we can help you develop an app-based solution that can allow easy booking and management.

  • On-Demand cargo vans

    Delivery and pick-up business is not easy these days without a dedicated app. Get an on-demand cargo vans application to help your customers easily book and manage the service requests. Give a start by sharing your requirements with our developers.

  • On-Demand airport

    Are you into airport cab business or you needed to startup? Get a dedicated on-demand app that can allow users to easily book a ride for/from the airport. It can also enable users to schedule the cab with easy pick and drop service for maximum convenience.

Food and Beverage

  • On-Demand food delivery

    Want to automate your restaurant business or need an app to push your existing service? We can design a delivery app for you that can manage all the business using a single platform.

  • On-Demand for alcohol

    Running a liquor store but need to take it to another level with 24/7 delivery option, get an on-demand application that allows customers to order drinks for them at their home at any time.

  • On-Demand pizza delivery

    Simplify the pizza delivery with better customer engagement and sales. On-demand pizza delivery app allows customers to get pizza within a few clicks and helps admin to keep track of all orders adding value to the business.

  • On-Demand home cooking

    Need to start a home cooking or meal delivery business? Then you must invest in an on-demand home cooking app that enables people to quickly order home-cooked food using their mobile devices.

  • On-Demand grocery

    Run your own online grocery store to boost the sales with an on-demand listing and order app for customers. Also, you can keep track of orders, deliveries, drivers, sales, and more.

  • On-Demand for food startup

    Want to start a business with that delicious lemon drink or raw food idea that is an essential part of the routine? Share your business requirements with our experts to design your online app and convert your dream business to reality.


  • On-Demand home cleaning

    Get on-demand home cleaning app that can help people with easy hiring of maids and cleaning services. We can develop an app that contains all your services for customer comfort and improved profits.

  • On-Demand home painting

    We can create an on-demand home paint app for your business helping you to target customers that are in need of home paint services. The app will allow users to easily pick the required service and select a professional to work on it.

  • On-Demand locksmiths

    Running a locksmith business is a great idea! Maximize your business value with an on-demand app that can feature all your services and help customers to easily raise requests for them.

  • On-Demand landscaping services

    Boost your landscaping business with on-demand services that allow customers to quickly connect using the app. Customers could book the services as per their requirements and schedule at any point in time.

  • On-Demand handyman

    Need to start your business on-demand handyman app can help your customers to easily book services using their smart phones.

  • On-Demand pest control

    Get on-demand pest control booking services app that can allow a customer to easily schedule the service for their needs. The app can also be used to make a customer book the service for their home, office, or any other place picking the right option on the app.

  • On-Demand dry cleaning

    Get your on-demand dry cleaning app for your laundry business. Stay connected with your customers’ requirements at all the time for maximum business benefit and customer satisfaction.

  • On-Demand plumbers

    Are you into plumbing services? All you need to maximize your customer reach is getting an app that can enable customers to book or schedule the plumbing service as per their requirements.

Personal Care

  • On-Demand facial

    Gone are the days when your clients had to wait for hours at your salon for a facial, you can now reach your clients seeking quality beauty services at their place. On-demand facial services could be the ultimate way to save time and enhance business opportunities.

  • On-Demand nails arts

    An on-demand nails art service could help in scaling personal care businesses to the desired level. Get an on-demand nail art service app to help your clients in getting quality services at their doorstep.

  • On-Demand eyelash services

    Whether it is lash lifts or lash extensions, an on-demand service could be the game-changer for your business. Explore the ways you can increase your business opportunities with our on-demand mobile app.

  • On-Demand hair care

    Planning an out-of-the-box salon venture? Why not build an on-demand haircut platform? An on-demand personal care app helps clients to avail haircut services at their home without any hassle.

  • On-Demand massage

    Scale your massage business with a whole new innovative idea of on-demand massage services. Give your clients the ease of getting a relaxing massage at their place with an on-demand mobile app.